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Tell us about the Foreman Foundation. What led to your decision to focus the Foreman Foundation’s efforts on diabetes?

I have lost three family members, including my grandfather with whom I was very close, to complications directly related to type 2 diabetes. In addition, I have several other family members who are currently diagnosed. The closeness of diabetes to my family has resulted in my quest for knowledge and awareness of this disease.

What do you remember about your grandfather’s diabetes growing up?

I remember he had a stroke; essentially his health and lifestyle spiraled out of control. This led to both legs being amputated and eventually his death. It was hard for me to grasp because throughout all of my youth, he was a very strong, fit man. He was my hero. It is very scary to consider how quickly this disease can become a silent killer.

Do you worry about developing diabetes yourself?

Yes, I worry about it everyday, particularly every time I consume sugar. My increased awareness has resulted in trying to eat healthier and staying as fit as possible.

You are a former professional athlete. How does this impact your decision making regarding exercise and nutrition, now that you’ve retired?

For the first two years after I retired, I worked out as if I were still playing. Since becoming a business executive, it has become harder to find time to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe this is something many people can relate to; however, I also believe this is a problem that can be fixed. My focus on the Foreman Foundation has led me back to exercise and healthy living.

How do you stay on track? What keeps you disciplined and health conscious?

When I get off-track, I think of my grandfather’s death. I also think about my kids. I want to be healthy, fit, and mobile so I can spend as much time with them as possible.

What is your message about diabetes?

Diabetes is consistently listed among the leading causes of death; it does not discriminate. We are committed to ending this cycle through education and prevention. Join us in the fight to strike out diabetes!